Matt Mahowald

Matt Mahowald, an esteemed leader in nutrition couseling, is the CEO and President of New Performance. Mahowald founded his nutrition and fitness company in 1994 and quickly established himself as a foremost expert in metabolic nutrition. This success, coupled with Matt’s energy and drive, allowed him to spearhead both the production of a nationally aired informercial based on his nutrition principles, and a nationally distributed book deal with Penguin Putnam.

With studies in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, human sciences, and a Bachelor of Science Degree, Mahowald’s scientific background and multiple certifications in Core Stabilization Training helped him created the Personalized Program, a nutrition program focusing on the individual. This program is the basis of New Performance; a healthier optimal way of living by embracing the art and science of total wellness.

Mahowald first gained fame as a “celebrity nutritionist,” and has worked with many of Hollywood’s elite A-list actors and entertainers. Seeing productivity, health and total well- being increase dramatically in his high-profile clients, Mahowald decided to implement New Performance’s popular program in corporations. If the Personalized Program worked so well with award-winning celebrities with demanding schedules, why wouldn’t the same program benefit a busy CEO and the hard-working employees of productive corporations? Mahowald has now integrated New Performance’s corporate nutrition wellness programs into Fortune 500 Companies, including Amgen and Prudential Financial. His success in this genre has not only raised productivity in the workplace, but has revamped the concept of health and well-being in a thriving corporate setting.

With such an important message and impressive results rate, Matt Mahowald and New Performance have been the subject of articles in numerous national publications including People, US Weekly, OK!, Modern Bride and, to name a few.  His inspiring personality and knowledge of nutrition also make him a desirable guest expert on television programs, including NBC Channel 4 News, Los Angeles’ popular news show, where he has been featured on several occasions.

Mahowald and New Performance are professionally affiliated with the LA Tri Club, ACME Coaching, Team In Training, LA Legger and the Y.M.C.A.


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