Fat is our Friend

The facts are so –  fat yields our bodies 13.5 times more energy(ATP) than carbohydrates. Then why are we all “carb loading” all the time? We even carb load while we aren’t training and get hooked on the taste of the high calorie energy and recovery drinks. As I have had the pleasure of speaking with many groups lately, I see a common thread with training and very little fat loss. How do we get the energy then?

We need to consume roughly 10 -15 grams of fat with each meal of the day. Our main meals we can include a higher fat content but I recommend we intake 10 – 15 grams two to three times a day with one piece of fruit as a snack. This keeps our bodies using and synthesizing our own body fat as fuel.What type of fat? Stay away from saturated fats even though we all need a small amount daily to remain healthy, we need Mono-Poly unsaturated, as well as, omega 3-6-9 oils(fish). These fats are best as they  help control blood sugar and insulin and give us energy. In fact intake of good dietary fat actually helps reduce cholesterol.

Wow eat fat, lower cholesterol and reduce body fat, all with great energy in your day. For more go to www.newpfc.com. Good luck come race day!!


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