Save money. Invest in Corporate Wellness.


I’m sure most of us are in dismay over rising healthcare costs. Salaries are static year after year while escalating health services continually dig in to our well-deserved earnings. US healthcare costs doubled from 1990 – 2001 and are projected to double again by 2012. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce corporate costs and losses that benefit both the employer and employee. It’s called Corporate Wellness. We here at New Performance Nutrition are firm believers that the health and longevity of an individual translates into greater performance and success on the corporate level.

                     Every one of us longs for that feeling of invigoration – that feeling of an acute mind, upbeat persona and healthy body. However, the American workforce today is tackling hazardous health issues such as obesity, tobacco addiction and stress – not quite the definition of invigoration. The average American works 47 hours a week and with a workload so heavy there better be a keen mind and strong body capable of sustaining those long hours. How fantastic would it be if your workplace could contribute to your feelings of rejuvenation? The truth is it can. The latest health research shows that corporations who utilize wellness programs enjoy a more harmonious office environment, reduced stress, less human error and more beneficial relationships among co-workers.

            So a word to all employers who are seeking to reduce costs yet desire to increase productivity at the same time – Corporate Wellness is the key. It can get you on the way to greater savings and greater returns. Statistics show that employers who invest in Corporate Wellness programs have the opportunity to see a return of $3 -$10 in savings per dollar spent. These savings are reflected in absenteeism, workers comp, disability, medical costs and on-the-job inefficiency. Corporate Wellness has proven a 28% reduction in sick leave, 26% reduction in health care benefit and 30% reduction in workers comp claims and disability. That’s incredible! Not only does it help prevent losses due to illness and time spent absent from work, but it also greatly enhances an employee’s endurance and ability to be productive while working those long 47 hours! You have to admit that it is very rare to find an opportunity where cutting costs benefits both the employer and employee.

            During our last 15 years providing wellness to the community, New Performance has had the opportunity to help many large corporations, such as one biotech leader Amgen for 6 years, by establishing corporate health behaviors and goals. The benefits to both employer and employee are remarkable as each individual employee participates in a personalized program based on his or her nutritional needs.  This healthy nutritional influence on individual wellness creates positive energy and satisfaction that is contagious throughout the office! That why I love what I do.  And that’s why we provide Corporate Wellness programs at New Performance. I know that many companies are looking to cut back during these rough economic times but many executives are not aware that nutritional counseling through Corporate Wellness is actually a great investment both, in your company and your employees. Our corporate nutrition wellness programs are designed, and proven, to help increase productivity, health and total well-being dramatically in clients and create a thriving corporate setting. Interested in finding out more about how you can save? Visit us at



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